Do you have information about a fraud against the federal or state government?

Our Services

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud costs Americans billions of dollars each year. As leaders in the fight against insurance fraud, we know first-hand the dedication of the Special Investigation Units that fight fraud every day. We pride ourselves on partnering with the SIUs, understanding their needs and constraints, and using our knowledge and experience to achieve their goals. With well over 50 years of combined experience fighting fraud, we provide aggressive but practical solutions to the SIU community.

Business and Personal Frauds

Any business or individual can be victimized by someone else’s greed. We believe that the legal system exists to right these wrongs, and we have dedicated our professional lives to making that happen for our clients. As former white-collar prosecutors, we know that fraud cases are won by a thorough investigation and detailed analysis of all the relevant evidence. We approach each case with the end goal in mind: recovering as much as possible of what has been taken from our clients.

False Claims Act

Fraud against the federal or state government diverts taxpayer dollars into the pockets of dishonest contractors. Corporate and individual whistleblowers perform an important public service and can share in the government’s recovery of fraudulently obtained funds. Kennedy Vuernick attorneys have been involved in False Claims Act recoveries totaling hundreds of millions of dollars in the past decade. We draw upon our extensive experience in complex fraud litigation and as former prosecutors to investigate and litigate False Claims Act cases on behalf of our clients.

Internal Investigations

When concerns about internal wrongdoing arise, the leaders of any organization need to know two things: the unvarnished truth and their legal options. As former white-collar prosecutors and a former inspector general, we conduct thorough, impartial investigations and provide well-grounded, workable solutions to the governing bodies of businesses, nonprofits and government entities.

Meet the Team

John Kennedy, Esq.

John is a former Assistant Attorney General and Director of the Office of Government Integrity, who has investigated and litigated fraud cases for nearly 30 years.

Richard E. Vuernick, Esq.

Richard is a former Deputy Attorney General and an accomplished attorney with more than 20 years’ experience investigating and litigating civil and criminal fraud matters and False Claims Act cases.

Gabrielle H. Pohlman, Esq.

Gabrielle has over 15 years of experience litigating insurance fraud, insurance defense and coverage cases in all lines of insurance, and analyzing complex data and medical records.

Samuel E. Howie, Esq.

In his role as an associate at Kennedy Vuernick, Mr. Howie specializes in litigating healthcare fraud matters. Prior to joining Kennedy Vuernick, Mr. Howie served as law clerk to the Hon. Robert Jones, Jr., J.S.C., in the Superior Court, Civil Part.