About Us

Kennedy Vuernick Investigates and Litigates Fraud-Related Matters for Individuals, Organizations and Governmental Entities.

Led by former prosecutors John Kennedy, Esq., and Richard E. Vuernick, Esq., our attorneys help insurance companies and government agencies recoup funds lost to fraud.  We represent businesses that have been victimized by fraud. We protect the integrity of our clients’ reputations by thorough and impartial internal investigations.

Prior to joining forces as the founding partners of the law firm, Kennedy and Vuernick began their careers as prosecutors with the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General in its Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor. After a combined 50 years of fighting fraud, that prosecutorial spirit continues.

At Kennedy Vuernick, our mission is to bring justice to those who have been defrauded so they can rightfully recover what has been stolen from them.

Do you have information about a fraud against the federal or state government?