John Kennedy, Esq.

John Kennedy is an accomplished attorney with considerable expertise in investigating and litigating fraud cases, having spent more than 25 years as a white-collar prosecutor with the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General. During that time, Mr. Kennedy directed the Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor’s civil and criminal enforcement efforts for more than 10 years. His practice focuses on anti-fraud litigation, False Claims Act litigation, and internal investigations.

While in State service, Mr. Kennedy was second-in-command of the Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor, helping lead an office with a staff of 120 attorneys, investigators and support staff, and a case list averaging several hundred criminal cases and several thousand civil cases. Simultaneously, Mr. Kennedy prosecuted some of the office’s most significant matters, securing state prison sentences for, among others, doctors who accepted cash kickbacks for patient referrals, and an insurance producer who stole nearly $2 million from his clients.

Between 2000 and 2005, Mr. Kennedy served as Deputy Director and then Director of the Office of Government Integrity, where he helped forge a new approach to promoting integrity in government, by combining the Attorney General’s civil and criminal authority in a single office. OGI was New Jersey’s first statewide inspector general’s office, and it promoted integrity and accountability in executive branch agencies through rigorous and impartial investigations.

Mr. Kennedy has prosecuted a wide range of white-collar crimes, including insurance frauds of all kinds, environmental crimes and tax frauds. Mr. Kennedy is also an accomplished appellate advocate, having represented the Attorney General in four cases before the New Jersey Supreme Court and dozens before the Appellate Division.

Mr. Kennedy received his J.D. from New York University School of Law, and his bachelor’s degree summa cum laude from Saint Peter’s College.
Mr. Kennedy is admitted to practice law in the state and federal courts of New Jersey.
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Richard E. Vuernick, Esq.

Mr. Vuernick began his legal career as a consumer advocate in Washington D.C., for Citizen Action, a nationwide consumer advocacy organization. As Legal Policy Director, he testified before Congress and federal administrative agencies about the impact on consumers of legislation and administrative regulations. He appeared frequently on television and radio programs discussing and debating consumer protection legislation.

Upon his return to New Jersey, Mr. Vuernick served as Deputy Attorney General in the New Jersey Office of Insurance Fraud Prosecutor, where he was responsible for investigating and prosecuting insurance fraud and organized crime matters from their inception through trial. For nearly 20 years since then, he has represented businesses and individuals pursuing legal remedies against fraud.

Mr. Vuernick concentrates his private practice on three areas. Mr. Vuernick uses his knowledge and expertise to help insurance companies and other businesses recoup money lost to fraud. He also litigates on behalf of corporate and individual whistleblowers with information about government contractor fraud, utilizing the federal or state False Claims Acts. He helps clients ensure the integrity of their organizations by conducting internal investigations into potential malfeasance, and offering workable solutions to the governing bodies of both governmental and private organizations.

Mr. Vuernick received his bachelor’s degree from Vassar College and his J.D. from Western New England College School of Law.
Mr. Vuernick is admitted to practice law in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania and the federal courts in those states.
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Gabrielle H. Pohlman, Esq.

Ms. Pohlman focuses on insurance fraud matters, with a concentration in health care fraud. She has deep experience in the insurance industry. Ms. Pohlman has represented insurance carriers, as well as insured individuals and businesses, for over 15 years. She has handled disputes in numerous insurance lines, including auto, commercial liability, and premises liability. She has litigated insurance fraud, coverage and liability issues. She is highly skilled in the application of insurance laws and regulations, and in the analysis of medical records and claims data.
Ms. Pohlman received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan, and her J.D. from Tulane University School of Law, where she served as Senior Articles Editor for the Tulane Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property. She is a graduate of the Justice Morris Pashman American Inn of Court.
Ms. Pohlman is admitted to practice in the state and federal courts of New Jersey, New York and Michigan.

Kevin McGowan, Esq.

Prior to joining Kennedy Vuernick, Mr. McGowan served for three years as a Deputy Attorney General in the Division of Law. There, he represented the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance in civil litigation of insurance fraud cases in Superior Court and regulatory enforcement actions in the Office of Administrative Law. He also served as General Counsel to the New Jersey Real Estate Commission, providing legal guidance to the commission on all issues that came before it. Mr. McGowan also counseled the Department of Banking and Insurance regarding the adoption of insurance regulations and responses to Open Public Records Act requests and subpoenas. Before starting his public service, Mr. McGowan worked in private practice, with experience in employment law, consumer bankruptcy, and civil litigation.
Mr. McGowan earned his J.D. from Seton Hall School of Law, and a master’s degree from the City University of New York. He graduated with high honors from Rutgers University.
Mr. McGowan is admitted to practice law in the state and federal courts of New Jersey.

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