Business and Personal Frauds

Kennedy Vuernick Confronts Frauds Against Businesses And Individuals

Fraud is all too common. Experience has taught us that any business or individual can find that they have been victimized by someone else’s greed. Fraud victims need and deserve help to recover what was stolen from them. We believe that the legal system exists to right these wrongs, and we have dedicated our professional lives to making that happen for our clients.
We approach each case with the end goal in mind: recovering as much as possible of what has been taken from our client. Fraud cases are won in the trenches – by a thorough and purposeful gathering of all the relevant evidence. We conduct detailed client interviews to fully understand the issues confronting our clients. We work with trusted investigative partners to secure and preserve crucial evidence. We analyze all the relevant information to expose and prove the fraud. And we follow through on our judgments and settlements with collection actions to put money back into our clients’ pockets.

As former prosecutors, we prepare every case as if it will go to trial. Settlement and alternative dispute resolution can lead to good outcomes. But we find that our adversaries are more willing to settle on terms favorable to our clients when they know they are facing a law firm that is armed with the necessary proof, understands the fraud scheme and the applicable law, and is able to litigate as necessary.


Examples of Business and Personal Frauds Schemes:

  • Theft or embezzlement by a trusted employee.
  • False invoicing schemes: vendors submit invoices for items not supplied, or with inflated prices or quantities.
  • Contracting fraud: misrepresentations about the quantity or quality of goods or services supplied, or misrepresentations about compliance with another material term of a contract.
  • Business identity theft: theft of a business’s identity to access credit.
  • Investment fraud: misrepresentations or unauthorized transactions by a financial advisor.
Business Fraud Experts

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