About Us

Kennedy Vuernick Fights Fraud on Behalf of People, Businesses and Government Entities

At Kennedy Vuernick, we believe:

  • That fraud victims deserve to be made whole.
  • That fraud victims need someone who will fight for them.
  • That victims of fraud are not gullible or careless.
  • That any person, business or agency can find itself the victim of fraud.
  • That fraudsters are endlessly creative, and catching them requires people who are intellectually curious and equally creative.
  • That fraud is another word for theft, and people who commit it are thieves.
  • That fraud against the government is theft from hard-working taxpayers.
  • That fraud against insurance companies steals money from everyone who pays premiums.
  • That fighting fraud is both morally good and inherently rewarding.

That is what we believe.  And our beliefs animate everything we do.  At Kennedy Vuernick, we understand that fraud schemes are difficult to detect and even harder to prove.  We’re up for the challenge. Fraud cases need to be built on a solid foundation of evidence. They require experienced guidance during the investigative phase.  So we work with trusted investigative partners to gather the crucial evidence. Our experience has taught us that any fraud scheme, no matter how sophisticated, breaks down when subjected to enough scrutiny.  We do not shy away from painstaking study of documents and data: we revel in it. Because we know that successful fraud cases are built carefully, deliberately, fact by fact. And that’s what we build: successful fraud cases.

Our anti-fraud practice is among the most well-respected in New Jersey.  We focus all of our efforts on doing two things, and we do them well:

  • We investigate and litigate fraud cases on behalf of
    • Businesses and individuals who have been defrauded; and
    • Whistleblowers who have information about a fraud against the federal or state government.
  • We conduct thorough, impartial internal investigations on behalf of businesses, nonprofits or government agencies confronting possible employee or other misconduct.

After a combined 50 years in practice, we believe firmly that the legal system exists to bring about justice.  Our mission is to make sure it brings justice to those who have been defrauded, so they can recover what has been stolen from them.

Do you have information about a fraud against the federal or state government?